[Request/Question] Old video of Teppei's Outing(?)

 Ohayou-san minna (uhh its currently 0734am at my place XD)

There's this one video I've been hunting since long ago but still couldn't find it. In case if anyone knows about the video or atleast had watched it before do tell meeeee please please please T^T

Video details; Youtube video. Its a video of Koike Teppei & his junior Mizobata Junpei outing together. Since its.. Teppei's birthday (or not |D), so Junpei as a guide, brought him around shops that Teppei would like to go such as Bicycle shop, Camera shop & Ramen shop. Their interactions were so cute and funny!

I cant remember but I got the feeling I watched it in this community *slaps self for being so forgetful*

Thanks in advance! :D
Takuya tabako


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